EPA Method TO-17

Multi-Bed Sorbent Tubes and Low Flow Pumps

Beacon Environmental can target a broad range of compounds using multi-bed sorbent tubes and low flow pumps to measure the concentration of VOCs and SVOCs in soil vapor or indoor air following EPA Method TO-17 procedures. With one sample, highly volatile compounds, such as Vinyl Chloride, can be targeted at the same time that low volatile compounds such as Naphthalene, 2-Methylnaphthalene, Acenaphthene, as well as other PAHs, are targeted. The use of sorbent tubes expands the capability of what compounds can be targeted in a vapor intrusion or indoor air assessment as compared to collecting samples with summa canisters (EPA Method TO-15). Data are reported in units of concentration (i.e., ug/m3 or ppbv) with low-level detection limits in the sub ppbv range.

Beacon Environmental has employed sorbent tubes with active pumps to target both chlorinated and petroleum compounds, including diesel range organic compounds, at former dry cleaning facilities, day care centers, gas stations, as well as residences. Please contact us to discuss how you may be able to achieve lower detection limits and target a broader range of compounds using highly sensitive sorbent tubes coupled with advanced analytical capabilities.