Vapor Intrusion Monitoring

Site Assessment from the Ground Up

The vapor intrusion pathway of organic contaminants may be a significant exposure mechanism in areas where residential, commercial, industrial or public buildings are present over or adjacent to contaminated soils and/or groundwater. Beacon Environmental's applied technologies identify vapor intrusion pathways and monitor the indoor air of such buildings for potential contamination.

Vapor intrusion and indoor air monitoring using sorbent samplers provided and analyzed by Beacon Environmental in accordance with EPA Method TO-17 satisfy key EPA objectives and is a reliable way to provide the data needed to determine the

  • lateral extent and spatial variability of contamination in soil and groundwater
  • presence of vapor intrusion pathways beneath current or future buildings
  • scope and effectiveness of remedial activities
  • concentrations or emission flux rates of VOCs and SVOCs
  • time-integrated concentrations by sampling over several days or weeks

The following publications are available to examine how sorbent technologies compare to canisters for both indoor air and soil environments.