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Tuesday, November 11th - 2014

Beacon is pleased to announce GeoRem International, based in South Africa, is now a distributor of Beacon Environmental’s world class passive soil gas (PSG) technology, with representation in:

South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania

GeoRem is a specialist in environmental contracting services, providing assistance to consultants and industry in the monitoring, management and remediation of contaminated land and water throughout the African Continent.

With the recent implementation of approved changes to the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (Act 59 of 2008) on May 2 2014, significant attention is being placed on the assessment, management and remediation of contaminated land in Africa.  This legislation requires the owners or parties responsible for land to accept liability for the investigation and remediation of their property if instructed so by the relevant authorities. The legislation also makes provision for controlling the transfer of contaminated land, potentially barring the sale or transfer of these properties.

As noted by the Director of GeoRem, Mr. Albertus Lombaard, “the implications of these requirements are that there is a need for accurate site characterization, risk evaluation and implementation of remediation measures. With the offering of Beacon’s advanced passive soil gas technology, GeoRem is able to provide an internationally accredited technology for the collection of high quality, high resolution site characterization data. Once a site moves into the remediation phase, GeoRem will then use this high resolution data to work with consultants and industry managers to develop efficient and cost-effective remediation strategies.”

Beacon’s President, Harry O’Neill, added “our company is very proud to be working with GeoRem which is an innovative company focused on providing their client’s with practical solutions and developing long-term relationships throughout Africa.”    Examples of projects managed by GeoRem, which also shows the company’s reach across southern and southeastern Africa, can be found at:

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