Wide Ranging Applications

Where VOCs and SVOCs are contaminants of concern, Beacon Environmental’s versatile technologies have been used on a wide variety of sites to meet many objectives, including the following:

Site Characterization and Site Assessment

Passive soil gas (PSG) surveys are used to identify source areas and track groundwater plumes of known or suspected contamination and are also used as an initial site screen where no previous data have been collected.

Vapor Intrusion and Risk Assessment

Beacon's quantitative passive samplers are used to identify compounds in soil gas that present a vapor intrusion risk to occupants of overlying buildings or future buildings and to provide time-weighted average concentrations to assess exposure risks.

Remediation Design and Long Term Monitoring

PSG surveys position where monitoring wells should be installed, guide the remediation program, and provide long-term monitoring.

Department of Defense/Department of Energy

PSG surveys are used to identify historic releases of a broad range of contamination, including solvents, fuels, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), CWA breakdown products, and nitroaromatics.

Superfund Sites

PSG surveys provide an abundant amount of data to develop an accurate conceptual site model the first time. PSG surveys are used as part of an effective TRIAD approach.


PSG samples are deployed rapidly with little or no impact on ongoing operations, are easy to install both indoors and outdoors, and are highly useful in determining PRPs.

Dry Cleaners/Solvent Contamination

PSG surveys are routinely used to target PCE, TCE, and other solvents without interruption to ongoing business operations.

Pipelines and USTs/Petroleum Contamination

PSG surveys provide evidence on the types of petroleum contamination present (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc.) and are used to locate these releases from pipelines and USTs.


PSG surveys provide a checklist of VOCs and SVOCs present. Beacon Environmental also is able to quantify the methane production rate of landfills.

Commercial Property Transfers

PSG surveys are used by purchasers, sellers, banks and insurance companies to collect data rapidly – with a standard TAT in less than 5 days – providing the information necessary to make informed decisions rapidly.