Full Service Support

Beacon Environmental provides full service support to environmental professionals across the country and around the world for completing accurate and effective soil gas surveys. Wherever you have a need, you can count on Beacon Environmental to:

  • Evaluate whether a passive soil-gas survey will meet your objectives.

  • Design an effective sampling and QA plan.

  • Supply an easy-to-use BESURE Sample Collection Kit™ or a field crew to perform a full turnkey survey.

  • Gather field data using GPS or traditional surveying techniques when necessary.

  • Analyze samples by EPA Method 8260C, with the highest level of accuracy and QA/QC procedures.

  • Create site maps using data gathered by Beacon Environmental or your personnel.

  • Deliver results in comprehensive, easy-to-read reports featuring color isopleth maps.

  • Save money that can be spent on remediation.

Beacon Environmental's staff will assist at no cost with the design of the sampling plan to meet both project and data quality objectives.  Please call to discuss your project with one of our product specialists to evaluate the use of a PSG survey and to discuss specifics on sampler placement and grid design.