Green CharacterizationTM

A green site investigation relies on information gained from a thorough preliminary assessment that identifies target areas and site conditions through minimally intrusive techniques. More targeted remedial actions and “surgical” removal actions also can be achieved through use of high resolution sampling tools during site investigations. -- Green Remediation Best Management Practices: Site Investigation, U.S. EPA OSWER, Dec. 2009.

Beacon Environmental's passive soil gas (PSG) technology is a green site investigation tool that collects samples in shallow, small diameter holes with higher sampling frequency than is typically possible with soil and/or groundwater sampling. The use of Beacon Environmental PSG technology reduces data gaps and focuses where intrusive sampling and remediation activities should be performed, as well as where they are not required. Further, no waste from soil cuttings is generated during sampling procedures and only hand tools are required to collect samples (i.e., no DPT or drill rig is required).

In the laboratory, samples are analyzed using thermal desorption-gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (TD-GC/MS) instrumentation, which does not use solvents for sample extraction as is typically required for soil and groundwater analyses. Beacon Environmental generates very little waste in the laboratory because the sorbents are reusable following conditioning, the glass vials are recycled, and solvents are not used for sample extraction.