LDD Advanced Technologies
“Thanks very much!
On behalf of all the team who worked on this project, thank you for a quick and excellent service (again...) in a very short notice.
Although I know that this kind of service is the standard for you, we do not take it for granted!”

Brown and Caldwell
"Beacon's PSG survey successfully defined the lateral extent of hydrocarbon-impacted soil at two separate site source areas and demonstrated the applicability of PSG surveys as a site assessment tool for hydrocarbon plumes in sites with tight soils.”

"I love the product as a Triad tool.  I am a proponent for using it in the Piedmont region.  MIPs and Waterloo were found to have less ability to work in this region."

University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill
“Thank you so much for your terrific support!  It is a pleasure for us to work with you.”

Nichols Consulting Engineers
"If had not used Beacon, would still be out there looking for contamination"

Vista Engineering
"Thanks for the quick results on this project. Being able to present them 2 weeks after being in the field makes us all look good! Please pass on my thanks to your staff who helped in this effort."

Professional Consulting Corporation
"WOW, talk about consistent results. Considering that the room was closed up for the past few weeks it is not unexpected that there would be such a similarity in results between the samples but that degree of similarity speaks well for the method and the quality of the laboratory."

CH2M Hill
"Thanks for all of your response. I have always received helpful information from your company. Keep up the good work."

EA Engineering
"Data correlation was right on with subsequent soil and groundwater results."

"Thanks for the quick work that you did with the samplers. You really have a good tool that I think is going to spread like wild fire."

New York State DEC
"We've used your passive soil gas surveys at many VOC sites and the data have been instrumental in identifying source areas and dissolved plumes. It's a standard and powerful technique in our investigation toolkit."

Tetra Tech
"Overall, we rely on our PSG results often to help paint the picture of where contamination is located at our site. It was a very helpful tool for our investigation!" "The Navy and regulators liked the outcome and we still tend to lean on the results since we blanked our site with a 50-foot grid and it told a good (and predicted) story."

Yu & Associates
"We had no issues installing the samplers, it was actually a lot of fun."

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
"Thanks for everything, using Beacon's PSG modules was a very good experience; we'll definitely use them again in the future."

One year later... "Beacon PSG modules have become a valuable investigative tool for the Division of Remediation!”

EPA Region 6
"I like the turn around time, ease of use and low-level of detection."

Tetra Tech
"We took active soil gas data and there was 'remarkable correlation' ... We did find our source of contamination and your passive samplers were very instrumental in helping us locate the area to investigate." "We are very happy with your services and feel you have a great product and look forward to working with you again in the future ... Every step of the way, the service was fantastic."

CDM Smith
“It was more than I could have dreamed of.  It was awesome!  I was able to use the provided maps for a very interactive presentation to the EPA.”

Geotechnical Consultants, Inc.
"PSG technology is "simple, direct, and easy to use. I like it and will use it again"

Titan Engineering
"I have used other technologies (i.e., ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity) at the site and nothing has provided better results / directed us more efficiently than soil vapor sampling.”

The Javelin Group
"Passive soil gas data correlated very well with follow-on groundwater results.  I would use Beacon again.”

LDD Advanced Technologies
"You weren't kidding about expecting the best from Beacon! It's a pleasure working with you" "Thanks for the hard work you invested in this project, and we really appreciate the adherence to quality with such a large quantity of analysis in a short period of time."