Case Studies

Chlorinated Solvents

Source Area Identification


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A Beacon Environmental Passive Soil-Gas (PSG) Survey was performed on
a former landfill at a western United States military base to identify source
areas of Trichloroethene (TCE) that had been identified in down gradient
monitoring wells. Prior to the PSG survey, a ground penetrating radar
(GPR) survey was performed to identify subsurface anomalies. The initial
PSG survey was performed across a portion of the landfill that was of
greatest concern based on historical records and the GPR survey.


The initial PSG survey identified TCE source areas that did not agree with
the GPR survey findings. Based on these results, a subsequent PSG survey
was performed to further characterize the site and better define the
source areas identified in the initial survey. Analytical results were
provided to the client within four (4) days of receipt of samples at the
laboratory for both surveys. The results clearly showed the locations
where disposal of TCE had occurred. The client was able to significantly
reduce the characterization budget by reducing the number of soil and
groundwater samples that were required.